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Bingo in Films

Free Bingo Games for Fun in Films

Free Bingo Games for Fun in Films

The popular game that took the United States by storm is also known as an evergreen element of pop culture. Movie heroes often carry on important conversations during a bingo competition. Here are a few scenes straight from the silver and the small screens, in which this form of game has been an important part of the plot:

– A free bingo game for fun in Fargo – In April 2017, FX TV released another, third season of the cult series. This time the action took place in 2010. The main character, played by Ewan McGregor in one of the first episodes, takes part in a bingo tournament, which is the beginning of a series of unexplained and tragic events.

– A scary game in the horror The Babadook – Critics hailed this as the best horror film of 2014. One of the key scenes in the Canadian-American production is a bingo game in which the main character takes part. Every act in the game reveals the emotions, problems and fears the young boy faces.

– Family cinema straight from Transylvania in Hotel Transylvania – This is an alternative telling of the story of Count Dracula and his 118-year-old daughter, who runs the eponymous Hotel Transylvania. One of the scenes depicts a seemingly tedious game of bingo, which eventually arouses many emotions among the protagonists. The way of drawing individual numbers, which are written on tiny balls like skulls, is particularly worthy of the viewer’s attention.

– Asian Bingo in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – Even in Japan, the game has gained immense popularity, so much so that the makers of the cult manga series, later presented as an anime, and in 2013 as a feature film, put in a bingo scene. In addition, victory in the game conferred unique skills and tools.

– Entertainment in difficult times in Inglourious Basterds – Controversial Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino chooses to start one of the bloodiest scenes in cinema history with a game of the world-famous bingo. The action opens with the innocent fun of a young Frenchwoman who seduces Nazi German soldiers, and then a seemingly calm situation transforms into a real military training ground.